My Story


Features & Awards

I’ve always been fascinated with how things work, are built, and designed - but not from an engineering point of view per se, more of a design perspective. From high school we had electives allowing us to learn Macromedia Flash and Web Design, this coupled with all the flash stick figure animations summarizes pretty well how I grew into a field of user experience design.

I have always been fascinated with 3D design and industrial design, how objects we interact with everyday are designed and developed over time to continue improving; however me being myself and not having the talent to drawing organic materials, I moved into the web design world.

Early stages of web

My early stages of web would be designing forums and random fan sites for the games I would be playing at that time. From early days of 2001 designing fan sites for Halo and the original xbox on geocities.

When I first started learning front end web development I would use dreamweaver drag and drop, and learn code by looking at how it’s manipulated as I add items, during this time I would use the div tags and create multiple sites using purely div and css or inline styling. During this era many people were still using tables, and would always tell me to use tables to keep a grid format, after learning tables very well, everything changed again and went towards div elements, luckily I already knew how to use them.

While continuing to learn I would also participate a lot on web forums such a pixel2life and write tutorials to help myself better understand concepts, but also help others needing help.


Fast forward to today

I’ve worked for multiple companies small and large to create web and application interfaces. Now I continue to work for companies, but also do lots of side projects and research to keep improving my skills. One of my major projects I’m taking on is designing a book and blog series for virtual reality and augmented reality called unframed.

I've worked with a South Korea VC to help prepare startups from Korea improve their user experience and prepare for their presentation to investors in silicon valley. I also run my own side business doing user experience design and consulting for companies, this may include information architectures all the way to high fidelity design, or running workshops to help educate teams.