When I started working at Apptimize, the biggest tasks that required immediate tackling was designing a consistent user experience and design across the entire product. My tasks were everything from redesigning how navigation worked to how users setup AB experiments and analyze their results. Throughout the project I helped design and spec out tasks for developers, debug, create interactive mockups, and designed a style guide to help bring more consistency in the product for the entire company.

User Journey

Before starting on my own journey to redesign the product, I created a high level journey map to guide the way designs were made and how our team (product) can work closer to marketing to build seamless experiences across the company.

journey map


My first priority was to fix onboarding, which was basically non-existent. Creating simple onboarding pages that are effective, but also don't take up too much of the development teams time was key. I designed a simple three step process to onboard users.

After users finished the steps we would then take them to their dashboard, which would give suggestions and ideas for experiments. From here users could easily create a new project, or get ideas on initial quick tests they can do quickly to get started. These changes improved self onboarded users retention by 45%.

A/B Experiments

My goal was to create clear and concise steps of action to guide the users through exactly what they need to do to launch their new experiment. Along with this I created a new feature called the "timeline" which enables users to see history into what configurations have changed during the duration of the experiment and who made the changes.

Some of the major updates we did was to include experiment statuses, make clearer call to actions, and have the steps clearly defined to allow easy navigation. We also created the select winner modal show data about your primary goal to help you make a decision.


Results is one of the most important factors to the product, results is where our customers decide how their product may change and confidence is of utmost importance. With the data we show participation of at the top of the page, and as they filter by different attributes the data of participation and results will update. We also opted to have specific zero state messages letting them know that even if data should be showing we will display data once there is a higher confidence level (which depending on the size of the app could take an hour or longer).

The designs were built for clarity and easy scanning, previously definitions of how data was measured was hidden, tables were unclear, and charts would be on one page, while charts would be on another - this didn't made it troublesome to compare data points and make an informative decision.


After completing the style guide I helped build a strategy for the marketing team which allows us to target specific personas, for example "AB Experiments for Engineers, and AB Experiments for marketing." I also built the idea around having related case studies for each persona on the page so they can quickly see success stories.